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well H E L L O 

Welcome to The Farmer's Wife! My Name is Callie and I am a fifth generation dairy farmer, married to a fifth generation dairy farmer too! Both of our families roots go way back into the dairy industry and more recently to chicken farming! We have a sweet little one year old named Canaan, he is the light of our lives! I grew up  loving the farm as well as helping out and decorating at my moms retail shop called " The Farmer's Daughter". My mom majored in textile and design so her love for antiques and design went straight to me! She was shiplapping  before anyone ever knew what it was, seriously! haha Anywho, she is my inspiration everyday in seeking the Lord + design!  We love having a retail store, its a place we get to express our love for things we love and share with you! I also love photography, I started photographing my freshman year at Chico State and ended up taking some classes, which then helped grow my passion and business into weddings and events. Although I really love to shoot anything with good lighting or a sunset! I am starting this website as a place to put all my creativeness into one spot and share with you all! I sure appreciate you taking the time to read this! I have always wanted to build a website and finally getting the nerve to just conquer my fear and publish it! I hope to share my home, the farm, my photography, the vintage trailer, and you can also shop some custom prints!

S  T A Y  T  U N E D  F O R  M O R E ! 

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